Say goodbye to the big facial pores with this trick


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( Large pores are a common feature of development, and although they can not easily be undone, they can become smaller. There are several factors that affect pore size, for example, small pores have to be due to dry skin, while if you have a more oily skin you tend to see larger pores.

Say goodbye to the big facial pores with this trick

YouTuber Angela Minji Kim explains in the video that we link in this article everything you need to do and know to minimize the size of your pores with an ingredient you probably have at home: baking soda.

In the tutorial, she tells us some of the best ways baking soda is used and shows us how it can help reduce the appearance of our large pores. So you may want to include this in your night beauty regimen.

She uses warm water to wash her face with a natural soap that is fragrance-free. She washes and rinses, and then pours 2 tablespoons of baking soda into her hands. Add enough water to form a paste and gently massage your face with the mixture "in a circular motion for 30 seconds". Then rinse with cold water.

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