7 points that keep you from making friends


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(www.estovalelapena.com) All people are different, with contradictory personalities and varied thoughts, specific tastes and philosophies according to our lifestyle. Everyone lives at their own pace, and although many like a lonely life, not every moment is to be alone, just as not every moment is to be accompanied. But, the case in this article is about those who find it hard to make friends.

7 points that keep you from making friends

If you find it hard to make true friends, perhaps these reasons can give you an indication of why it happens:

1) Do you often complain?

If you are one of those people who constantly complain about their work, the lack of money or their terribly unjust and sad lives, you make it clear. People do not like to waste time with negative and pessimistic people. Try to develop a more positive attitude and look for more interesting conversation topics to talk about.

2) Are you selfish?

Friendship involves giving and receiving. Sometimes we have to give more than what we receive. This includes listening, giving and sharing. But if you are only willing to receive, the imbalance is assured. Keep in mind that being selfish is an attitude and no one is going to want to be your friend if you act only thinking about yourself.
3) Are you worried about people?

If what is happening in the lives of the people you have around is something that you do not care or pay any attention to, be sure that you will not have friends. To make friends you must show genuine interest in these people. Only then will you get the same.

4) Do you dramatize? Causes problems?
If you are a troublesome person and overreacting, when you find problems for yourself, you will realize that people will not be interested in what happens to you, and worst of all, they will try to disappear as soon as possible. If you like to do things to annoy others, if you do not know how to keep secrets, if you criticize all the time or reject people, you will hardly find someone who wants to have a friendly relationship with you.

5) Are you spiteful?

Friendship is a type of relationship that involves forgiving. But if you are one of those people who have outstanding accounts for past things, you are always going to think that you are in the center of the universe and that will not help you maintain lasting relationships with anyone.

6) Do you gossip?

The truth is that speaking ill of the rest of the people gives you a very bad image. It may be fun at first, but when it is common to hear you talk bad people become weary and ugly, since no one likes people who laugh at the faults of others.

7) Do you like to be bossy and you're stupid?

Trying to always impose your ideas and / or preferences without hearing the opinion of others or rectifying errors is not something that helps you with the topic of friendships. One thing to have initiative and desire to help, another very different is to spend the day giving orders.

To make friends the ideal is to know how to listen and not to exceed the limits in general. Since everything in life is a matter of balance and dedication, it is not a question of making the most of those you are trying to please, since that in the long run is never healthy for yourself.

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