Here's What This School Is Doing To Kids Who Act Out In Class


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Most schools give students detention if they act out in class.

Here's What This School Is Doing To Kids Who Act Out In Class

At Robert W. Coleman Elementary in Baltimore, they put these students in the Mindful Moment Room, a space for misbehaving kids to calm and recenter themselves through breathing exercises and meditation.

meditation in schools for kids

The space was created through a partnership with the Holistic Life Foundation, a Baltimore-based nonprofit that’s committed to nurturing the wellness of both children and adults in underserved communities.

meditation in schools for kids

The Mindful Moment Room is not just for kids with disciplinary issues. Children suffering from anxiety, headaches, stomach problems, and stress are also referred to the room for twenty-minute sessions with mindfulness instructors, which include five minutes of targeted discussion and fifteen minutes of mindfulness practice – yoga or breathing exercises depending on the situation.

meditation in schools for kids

Is it working?

Since first taking part in the program two years ago, Robert W. Coleman hasn't issued a single suspension.

meditation in schools for kids

I would love to see this program in more schools, as well as work environments and prisons.


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