Photographer Shows The Beauty Of Freckled Faces


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There are many myths surrounding those with red hair and freckles. It was once believed that our speckled friends were unclean, they didn’t have souls, or they were downright evil. The phrase “redheaded stepchild” doesn’t come from just anywhere.

Even today many people with red hair and freckles are made fun of, bullied, and treated as if they’re less beautiful than those who do not have freckles. However, one photographer, Brock Elbank is capturing something that is too often taken for granted: the beauty of freckles.

Elbank is seeking out men and women with freckles to create stunning portraits that show just how enchanting they can be. Elbank hopes that his project will show that the opposite of ordinary isn’t abnormal or weird, it’s extraordinary. Freckles may not be the most common characteristic we see in people and that’s exactly why they should be adored nor abhorred.

“I get more emails saying how much people have struggled with freckles as a child and now they’ve grown to live with them,” Elbank told BBC. “I never understood why people don’t like them. I love unusual. So many people just blend in… I like people that standout. The more individual, the better for me.”

See the stunning images below and please SHARE if you think freckles are gorgeous!

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