14 signs you are dating a player


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"Determining whether the guy you’re into is a player isn’t always simple. These sneaky types are good at giving you the impression that you’re the only lady on their mind – when in reality, their “recently dialed” screen on their smartphone is full of women’s digits.

14 signs you are dating a player

In the words of musical great Big Pun, “I’m not a player, I just f#@! a lot.” What exactly is the difference between the two, if there is one?!

Here is a list of the 14 sighs that your man is player:

1. Late night calls:
Does your guy only call you late at night and try and meet up with you that same night? If that happens more than once, it should be clear to you that you are the target of repeated booty calls. It’s no coincidence that he remembers to call you back only when the sun goes down and after he’s had a couple of beers or shots.

2. Big rush:
He picked you up in his car. He took you to a cute movie, and then a lovely dinner. Later, you invited him upstairs and you two had some adult fun. And then – all of a sudden he had to jet to an unexpected appointment! Perhaps he told you that this mother fell down in the bathroom and can’t get up. Baloney. He’s a player.

The fact that his charm and attention fly out the window after he pulls his underwear up are a big sign of disrespect and unless he’s your hookup partner – you’d better analyze why you are into this guy. While you’re still cuddling him – he’s already off to his next rendezvous.

3. Big spender:
If the guy you’re seeing is throwing around an inordinate amount of cash: the most expensive tables at clubs, huge, unnecessary tips – it’s a demonstration of his lack of responsibility.

We’d bet that the fellow is probably irresponsible in other aspects of his life. And by the way, not everything that glitters is gold and it’s possible that while he’s walking around in $2,000 dollar suits, his bank account is overdrawn.

4. Forget me not:
Example 1: your guy mentions going away next weekend for a romantic trip to the country. When you mention it later on, he has no clue what you’re talking about.

Example 2: He forgot your name. These are both signs that this fellow simply has too many plans going on with too many girls and can’t keep them straight. It’s time for YOU to try “Plan B!”

5. Every day is Christmas:
Every girl likes to get flowers, chocolate and a nice piece of jewelry every once in a while. However, if the guy you like is constantly showing up with extravagant gifts – it might point to the fact that he is trying to make himself feel better about a deception or secret that you don’t know about yet. Beware!

6. Overconfident:
If the guy can’t pass a mirror without checking himself out or constantly draws your attention to the clothes he’s wearing or how he looks, he might just be a little too in love with himself. Guy with megalomaniac tendencies tend to also be players.

7. Great Unknown:
Somehow, after multiple dates, you still know very little about this guy, even though you’ve managed to share your whole life story already. Why is he keeping so much information private? There might be a reason why you still don’t know where he lives or works; We’d bet he’s hiding something.

9. Help wanted:
If your boyfriend has a maid, secretary or babysitter that looks like she was scouted from the Playboy Mansion and not a temp agency, it might mean something. Why does a guy who’s interested in a serious relationship need his household help to be so darn hot?!

10. Very important player:
If the guy who’s taking you out is somehow on every VIP list of every club in town, it’s probably not a stretch to imagine that you’re not the first or only girl he’s ever taken club hopping.

11. Fast & furious:
After a romantic, meaningful date, a guy who is interested in taking it to the next level with you will most likely not try to get into your pants too fast. Don’t pay attention to those smooth lines he’s been handing you – if he’s getting too touchy too fast, he’s probably a player.

12. Get real:
When you’re together, the guy is always smiling, laughing at each and every one of your jokes and unusually swept away by your chit chat. He always has what seems to be rehearsed lines, and overly gushing compliments. There might be something less-than-genuine about his behavior – he’s reading off a script that he delivers to all the girls he dates.

13. When a house ain’t a home:
If your man lives in a house or apartment with a round bed, satin sheets, mini-bar in the bedroom, automatically-lit bedside fireplace or any place that looks like a Las Vegas hotel suite, it’s probably not hard to imagine what he’s using his bedroom for.

14. CSI bedroom:
If you’ve found used condoms, lipstick stained glasses or random articles of women’s lingerie lying around his place…well, just leave. Do we really need to explain this one?!
In summary, if for one or several of the reasons stated above, the guy you like right now just seems too perfect to be true, he probably is.

Do your homework and don’t be fooled by the tricks that so many guys use to make ladies feel like they’re the only ones in his life, when in fact he’s currently hooking up with all the women in the room".

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