Since She Was A Puppy, This Dog Has Kept The Same Stuffed Toy By Her Side

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When we are little, there are things that bring us comfort whenever they are around. And the same goes for animals, providing them a sense of security that they crave from these inanimate objects. For Luca the Alaskan Malamute puppy, she has done something rather unique that her owner recently shared online… and instantly it’s gaining lots of attention for it’s super adorable factor.

Since She Was A Puppy, This Dog Has Kept The Same Stuffed Toy By Her Side

hen Luca was just 8 weeks of age, Karissa (Luca’s owner) passed her down a stuffed Alaskan Malamute toy she’d had for herself, giving it to Luca as something to play with. Luca had her way with every toy that her dog mom gave to her, shredding each new toy to bits. But, never once did she chew on her most prized possession, the mini Luca look alike stuffed toy remained fully intact. And almost two years later, this toy is still going strong… and a staple in Luca’s everyday life!

And the image of Luca cuddling her favorite toy, both then and now, is seriously the cutest thing ever. Take a look:

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