Missing For 2 Years, This Family Has Back The Dog They Always Knew They d See Again


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Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is that there dog will go missing. Whether it’s because they are lost or stolen, this is every family’s greatest fear when it comes to the dog that they love. When the Braun’s were on a family camping trip, their dog Murphy was right there with them for the adventure. Everything was going just fine, when suddenly, a gun shot was fired off in the distance that spooked the Golden Retriever. The dog scurried off in fear, and the family searched everywhere hoping to find her.

Missing For 2 Years, This Family Has Back The Dog They Always Knew They   d See Again

For two days they searched tirelessly, before packing their bags to go back home. Once they returned they made signs and continuously phoned park personnel at the Tahoe National Park to see if anyone had reported sightings of Murphy.

The Braun family refused to give up hope, and never ended their search for the dog that they loved–with regular trips back to the campsite. Then one day, two years, and two LONG winters later, the family received a tip that there had been sightings of a dingy looking yellow dog roaming the park grounds. Take a look:

Fuente: iheartdogs.com
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