The youngest psychologist in the world, wants to dedicate her life to empower gifted girls


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Dafne Almazán is the youngest psychologist to graduate with thirteen years. Now, with just 16, she has decided to dedicate her life to education, in particular to the diagnosis of gifted girls and young women in order to educate them and encourage them to achieve their goals.

The youngest psychologist in the world, wants to dedicate her life to empower gifted girls

In an interview with Efe, the psychologist and educator at the Talent Care Center (Cedat), a special school for the gifted who founded her father and brother, the teenager considered "alarming" that of every 10 children diagnosed in Mexico, only 2 are women, something that is determined to change.

"There are gifted girls but they are not detected in time then they get lost, they adapt to the system because of the gender stereotype and they lose their abilities", lamented one of the 50 most powerful women in Mexico according to Forbes Mexico magazine.

To burst "gender stereotypes", the Mexican proposes campaigns to call gifted girls and boys to understand that their difference, their gift, is a virtue and they are diagnosed early.

Dafne, who at 6 years old already knew how to read and write in two languages ​​(English and Spanish), intends to continue studying academically until she is 19, adding a doctorate to her two master's degrees.
With great talent for the piano, in which she plays Mozart's pieces with delicacy, the young woman dedicates almost all her time to cultivating her skills and knowledge, although she always takes time "to go to the movies" or to be with her friends.

Despite the fact that she never experienced a refusal to train in a specialized system, she admits that Cedats usually attend "children who have suffered a lot, who even have suicide attempts because teachers and students who do not want to know anything about it is bad "

"Comrades see the gifted as the different, the person who is not like them and obviously they reject it".

In the case of teachers, the teenager has two professional certifications at Harvard University, believes that the rejection because the child with high IQ is what prevents the operation of the rest of the class.

"The gifted is the one who does not let the other students learn, the one who moves because the teacher ended up not loving the child and that's why he rejects him," he explained.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people with an IQ above 130 are considered gifted.
The stereotype of the tormented genius does not exist for Dafne, who argues that brilliant historical figures who had complicated personal lives accorded a normal education in schools in which they engaged in rejection and emotional problems.

"They never had an environment in which they could be happy, that affected their emotional health," he said.

She was lucky to receive support from her family since she was a little girl, since her older siblings are also gifted and served as a precedent.

They instilled in him values ​​such as perseverance, effort, as well as sport (taekwondo practice) and music.

Although she speaks English, Chinese and French, the girl is clear that Mexico is the place where she wants to work to show the world that there is talent in her country.

He is not afraid of losing "hunger" for meeting his goals because his high capacity allows him to find new challenges every day.

Professionally it is clear: "support the gifted, learn more about these children, and especially girls, to put them support."

Personally, she believes that intimate concerns will arise over time, although she is not in a hurry and, for now, it is only clear that, in the long term, she will want to be a mother and have a family.

Her impeccable way of dressing with black and white measures, her straight and light bearing as well as her natural stillness allow us to guess a politically correct person, although she recognizes that "it is each one's decision if she decides to follow strictly established stereotypes and norms".

She, although she does not drink and enjoys reading classics such as Victor Hugo or Shakespeare and cooking at home with her mother, is committed to "critical thinking in order to make her own decisions" in a world in which rarity, gift and incisive ideas result increasingly essential.

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