Whitney Woerz Fights Stigma Around Discussing Teenage Mental Health in 'Ghost Story'.


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With the help of a number of brave young men and women, 15-year-old singer Whitney Woerz is tackling bullying and mental health in her latest music video for the touching "Ghost Story."

Whitney Woerz Fights Stigma Around Discussing Teenage Mental Health in 'Ghost Story'.

The singer, who's already racked up over 13 million views for her debut music video "6 Second Love," hopes her platform and art can help erase the stigma around discussing mental health in America. "Music has been a mainstay in my life since I can remember," Whitney told Billboard. "Being 15 now, I realize how important it is to just talk about feelings, depression and anxiety. My friends and I face new challenges and pressures but we need to feel safe to talk about them and start a new conversation. Last year I became a teen ambassador for Glenn Close's charity, Bring Change 2 Mind. I found that music's universal language could help, and maybe heal. I wrote 'Ghost Story' for an internet friend I’ve never met who was struggling deeply with depression. The words and music helped her when I could not be there in person. When Liz Garbus agreed to direct the video for 'Ghost Story,' I knew it would be a tough balance of helping and entertaining but also knew that if we could help one person, we could help many."

While more than 1,000 teens expressed interest in participating in the shoot, only 15 were allowed to participate by their families and guardians. Despite the roadblocks, Liz Garbus and Whitney came together to create a moving clip grounded by raw, honest stories.

Extracted from: www.billboard.com

Fuente: www.billboard.com
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