He Fills Balloons With Baking Flour. What He Creates? Something BEYOND Cool!


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Looking for an item to keep the kids entertained for hours? Stop scouring the shelves of Toys ‘R Us – there’s something that will do just the trick, and there’s a strong chance you already have the material at home!

The ‘King of Random’ Grant Thompson is staying true to his name and providing us with an incredibly random, yet absolutely awesome, project that the kids are sure to love.

In the video below, Grant will show us how to turn some flour and bag of party balloons into a colorful batch of superhero stress balls. These squishy and wildly entertaining balls are customizable, mashable and perfectly safe for throwing around in the yard.

All you need is a variety of latex party balloons, a container like a juice bottle (one with a wide mouth works best) and bag of balloons. Fill the container with flour and then with an easy trick Grant will show you in the video below, transfer the flour into a blown-up balloon to create the substance of your ball. To increase durability, you’ll continue to wrap more balloons around the one that has been filled. To create the ninja-like mask, simply cut some circles into a deflated balloon of another color and wrap around the filled balloon.

Get creative when choosing colors, the options are endless! This craft could be a great addition to your children’s’ next playdate!
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