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A new epilepsy monitoring device detects 85 percent of all severe night-time seizures, which the designers say is a big technological improvement. Researchers in the Netherlands tested the bracelet, known as Nightwatch, in 28 intellectually disabled epilepsy patients over an average of 65 nights...


Beer prices could double as a result of global warming, according to a new study. Climate change is expected to trigger more frequent heatwaves and prolonged droughts in many parts of the world. Hotter, drier climate patterns are likely to depress barley yields, disrupting the global beer...


While searching for signs of Planet X, scientists have discovered a new dwarf planet candidate beyond Pluto. Astronomers dubbed the object "the Goblin." The dwarf planet's lengthy orbit is extremely oblong, sending the Goblin far away from Earth for most its 40,000-year-long trek...


Planning a vacation can be a long and frustrating process involving dozens of open tabs and websites – comparing prices, checking different locations on maps and blogs, finding flights and reading about the attractions available in the target destination can take the fun out of any...


Researchers have developed a new anti-cancer drug that puts cells to sleep by stopping tumors from growing or spreading while not damaging their DNA. These new treatments, which have been tested in blood and liver cancer models, could be an alternative method for people with cancer, including...


Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, has positioned AuraPortal Helium iBPMS software among the 19 best iBPMS vendors for all use cases. The use cases evaluated were: • Composition of intelligent process-centric applications • Continuous process...


As part of our daily activities social networks have become primordial, often these face us in situations where negative effects are generated affecting the way in which we relate: one of them is cyberbullying that grows at a disturbing rate. In the case of adolescents it is more complicated to...


A brain system involved in everything from addiction to autism appears to have evolved differently in people than in great apes, a team reports in the journal Science. The system controls the production of dopamine, a chemical messenger that plays a major role in pleasure and...


A group of researchers from the University of Southern California has managed to create a brain implant that promises to increase the memory performance capabilities of those who use it. "Memory prosthesis" is the name of this invention that is intended to imitate the way in which...


Just when PCs looked to be dying a slow, painful death, they became interesting again. As expected, this week's news coming from Computex in Taiwan is flush with new PCs and PC technologies, but is it enough to reinvigorate a market that has faced declining sales since 2011? The market...


Essential, a company founded by Andy Rubin, the "father of Android," on Tuesday pulled off the wraps on a new high-end smartphone. The Essential Phone, priced at US$699, includes radios for connecting to all major U.S. carriers. The unit has an almost edge-to-edge display...


Drones have become a must for technology, and in the 21st century are considered as impressive tools in the world of photography. That is why in this post we will talk about 5 models of these wonderful artifacts. DJI Inspire 2 The first HD motion picture drone with 360-degree transmission in...


En Argentina, uno de cada dos habitantes, posee una computadora o laptop con conexión a internet de banda ancha. Es común que tengamos que realizar cierto mantenimiento cada tanto en estos equipos y siempre tenemos el mismo conflicto de a donde llevarla o a quien llamar. A raíz...


A study by the Ipsos / Reuters consultancy shows that although mail is still the king of communications in the internet world, being used by 85% of users, social networks already make up 62% of the Communication of that same universe of users. ( Within this percentage of...


Lenovo will agains use the Motorola brand in its next mobiles. (smart life) A couple of years ago one of the most powerful Chinese firms in the market, Lenovo, acquired a decadent Motorola to Google , decadent although with some mobiles of recognized prestige especially in the mid-range like the...

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