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Razones por las que una beca educativa contribuye a la sociedad
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La conciencia de las cosas

Pablo Emilio Obando Acosta
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Llega a Colombia el primer equipo para el diagnóstico de enfermedades oculares

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Anoche soñé (Tanka)

El diario de Enrique
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Terapia génica de Pfizer q podría curar una enfermedad neuromuscular grave que afecta a los niños

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¿Qué ejercicios incluye Jennifer López en su rutina para mantener una figura esbelta?

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Convertir agua de mar en agua potable en cuestión de segundos: así es como puede hacerse

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pensamiento Libre
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El cambio climático actual repite el esquema del que hubo hace 56 millones de años

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Nueva alarma sobre otro efecto del cambio climático: los virus saltan de animales a personas

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A long-acting and injectable implant is showing promise to prevent and treat HIV, according to a study with mice. Rather than receiving a once-daily pill, patients can receive a continuous formulation of an antiretroviral medication called dolutegravir for nine months and then the implant can be...


Researchers found 746 over-the-counter supplements contained potentially harmful and undeclared ingredients not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The study analyzed data from a tainted supplements database maintained by the FDA for trends in adulterated dietary supplements...


Even when landlocked for several generations, Atlantic salmon can sense magnetic fields and use them to navigate, according to new research. Previous studies have documented Pacific salmon's ability to sense magnetic fields. To test whether Atlantic salmon also use Earth's magnetic...


We all know that getting enough sleep is important. But did you know that sleep deficiency can increase the risk for health issues such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or even a stroke? A lack of sleep can also affect the way you think, react or even how you interact with other...


Nearly half of women and one-third of men during their lifetime will develop neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, dementia or stroke, according to a study. But Dutch researchers found the lifetime risk can be reduced up to 50 percent -- depending on age -- by following...


Like the human gut, the breast gland has a "microbiome" that's influenced by diet, new animal research suggests. Although the findings are preliminary, scientists hope their work might someday improve the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. "Being able to shift the...


Whether to front-load or back-load your daily bread is an argument as old as time. We serve up the nutritional stats on which plate to make your focus meal of the day. Breakfast Early bird benefits: You can trick yourself into cutting 3 766 kilojoules throughout the day by timing your...


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know the feeling of wanting to put a drill to your head to somehow rid yourself of the pain, pressure, and throbbing. They destroy your day, and they can force you to seek a dark, quiet room for hours on end. Unfortunately, migraines are (relatively)...


Researchers have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence to successfully detect diabetic retinopathy, according to a clinical trial in primary care offices. The trial compared the performance of IDx-DR to the gold standard diagnostic for diabetic retinopathy, which is the leading...


You've probably heard about the high-carb diet and the low-carb diet, but a new study suggests a moderate-carb diet could be the key to longevity. Researchers followed more than 15 000 people in the United States for a median of 25 years and found that low-carb diets (fewer than 40% of...


Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses and if you've ever suffered from a sinus infection, you'll know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. Here are three causes of sinusitis you might not have known about: 1. Bacteria A sinusitis infection can...


Between your mom and the Food and Drug Administration, at least a few people have probably told you to always wash your fruits and vegetables so you don’t ingest filthy germs when you eat them. But I have to admit, part of me always suspected the mandate was a bit of a scam, kind of like...


Six-month-old Simon Meanwell was born healthy at Peterborough Hospital but stopped breathing suddenly Simon’s dad told Mirror News. “He was absolutely fine when he was born but then he stopped breathing,” James said. Quick-thinking paramedics Doctors then rushed the...


Researchers have determined a method to help amputees be convinced that a prosthetic hand belongs to their own body. In a scientific collaboration led by the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, they utilized a combination of two senses -- sight and touch -- instead of just...


Researchers believe they have determined why more women than men get migraines, offering the potential for targeted treatments. Sex hormones affect cells around the trigeminal nerve and connected blood vessels in the head, which researchers say contributes to the higher occurrence of migraine in...

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