Palm Beach County opens emergency shelters due to cold temperatures for the cold wave


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Palm Beach County has opened two cold weather emergency shelters for a second night as temperatures are again predicted to drop below 40°F.

Palm Beach County opens emergency shelters due to cold temperatures for  the cold wave

The following shelter locations will be open from 7 p.m.

Westgate Community Center3691 Oswego Ave.West Palm Beach West County Senior Center2916 State Rd. #15Belle Glade

Around 50 people stayed at the West Palm shelter Wednesday night, according to Palm Beach County Community Services Director James Green.

“We do expect an increase this evening — just due to word of mouth,” Green said.

The Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management will continue to monitor weather developments and make announcements on any further shelter openings as necessary.

Transportation to shelters is available via Palm Tran at designated pick up locations. Transportation information can be obtained by contacting:

Palm Beach County Crisis LineDial 211 or toll free at (866) 882-2991 Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Management(561) 712-6400 or (561) 712-6428

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