Thousands of euros for those who want to move to some of this cities...and it's true!


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Having less than 1,000 inhabitants may seem an idyllic situation for many, if what is sought is to flee the human swarm of the megalopolis. This number, which seems dreamed for those who need a quiet space, in many places is bad news.

Thousands of euros for those who want to move to some of this cities...and it's true!

The municipalities in which this happens may be at risk of extinction

That is to say, we speak of towns and localities destined to disappear, since more people die than they are born of, and the migratory movement is of exit and almost never of entrance.

Some countries try to reverse this situation with different incentives that are published by different media.

Are these promises a way to increase tourist interest or can those who move actually go to claim the money?

In Albinen, a small mountain town in Switzerland less than two hours by train from Bern and just under three hours from Geneva, the sun shines often, the scenery is extraordinary and the air is pure. The only thing missing are neighbors.

The neighbors plan to pay 21,300 euros to those who settle in it. In the case of children, they will receive a scholarship of 9 thousand euros. The requirements force the new neighbors to be less than 45 years old and to prolong their stay by a decade.

The city hopes to attract five families, ten adults and eight children, by the year 2022. In the "best case scenario", ten new families would move, bringing with them at least 16 children. The municipality has already reserved 100,000 Swiss francs (85,500 euros) per year for the plan.

"There will be more inhabitants and more income, but also more work thanks to new construction projects," the councilor predicts.

Other towns and cities are also willing to reverse the situation and offer money if they move to live with them: between 5,000 and 9,000 euros.

Candela - Italy

In the town of Candela, in the south of Italy, the number of residents dropped a lot in just 15 years. No one can remain impassive in the face of demographic desertification and ingenuity commands when it comes to retaining or attracting new neighbors.

Some municipalities threatened by depopulation have carried out initiatives to attract new residents. In general, what is sought are families with children that allow rural schools to be maintained, or young people who are willing to start a business. The city council of this city offers 2,000 euros to settle.

The BBC reviewed the evidence of some cases recently publicized in Europe. And these are the conclusions

Albinen - Switzerland: US $ 25,000 / adult and US $ 10,000 / child
In this case, the town that has one of its attractions its proximity to the thermal baths of Leukerbad, imposed strict conditions to those who want to benefit from the money.

The requirement to receive the financial boost is that the new inhabitants of Albinen are 45 years old or younger, buy or build a home and make a minimum investment of US $ 200,000 for this.

In addition, they have to commit to staying at least 10 years in the town and, if they leave before, they have to return the money.

Verdict: With the figure of US $ 25,000 per adult, the council of Albinen expects to pay 10 families for the next five years. For those lucky enough to meet the conditions, it's free money.

Bormida - Italy: US $ 2,300 per person
In Bormida, a peaceful town located in the region of Liguria, in northern Italy, there are barely 400 inhabitants living.

But the municipality also has a very active mayor, Daniele Galliano, who has spent the last three years determined to reverse the inexorable loss of the population with different strategies, reducing the price of rents.

That led to about 50 people moving to the Italian town. But, in May of this year, Galliano went a step further and launched a proposal on Facebook: why not use the funds from the small villages? To offer a relocation bonus of 2,000 euros (about US $ 2,300), for people who would like to move to these less inhabited towns?

The idea broke social networks. Although it was only an idea for the debate, the story went viral and began to go around the world.

More than 17,000 people contacted the local administration to learn more about the proposal.

Faced with this, Mayor Galliano had to step out and give explanations. "The news has been a global audience and has been misinterpreted," he said.

"Italy is wonderful but, like other countries, it is going through an economic crisis, unfortunately it is not possible to help everyone, thanks for your interest"

Verdict: nobody gave 2,000 euros, but that can change. A publication on the local administration's website noted that: "Regarding the issue of the bond, we expect the sea to be the goal that it will achieve in the Ligurian region in 2018."

Candela - Italy: US $ 950 for singles, US $ 1,430 for couples
If you want to establish yourself in Italy, there is some hope in this offer. The authorities of Candela are interested in the fact that there are neighbors who enjoy their landscapes.
Candela, a small town of 2,700 inhabitants in the Apulia region of southeastern Italy, is also losing its families and young people, who move to more populated cities. And that's why launched a program to attract new inhabitants.

"A bond of US $ 950 will be paid to singles, US $ 1,430 to couples, and US $ 1,650 to US $ 2,200 to families of more integrators," said Stefano Bascianelli, a local official.

He added that it was also offered as tax benefits and services for the management of garbage and child care.

To be taken into account, those interested must register before December 31, 2017, rent a house and have a salary of at least US $ 8,900.

Is this a little exaggerated? According to the US media CNN, six families from northern Italy have already met the requirements and plan to move soon.

And the applications come from countries as far away as New Zealand.

Verdict: they are as serious as for the application on the municipality's website. Those who benefited will receive 50% of the money after their first year of residence and the remaining 50%, at the end of their second year.

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