What you should do if your child is harassed online


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As part of our daily activities social networks have become primordial, often these face us in situations where negative effects are generated affecting the way in which we relate: one of them is cyberbullying that grows at a disturbing rate.

What you should do if your child is harassed online

In the case of adolescents it is more complicated to combat this problem because they will hardly go with an adult for help. Some of the practices used are identity theft, the circulation of rumors, the publication of compromising images and threats via email, social networks, text messages, etc.

For that reason in this post you will read 3 recommendations that even though they may seem obvious, Pantallas Amigas, an association that seeks to raise awareness about the responsible use of social networks, suggests following them.

Keep in contact

According to the SOS Guide against Cyberbullying of the National Institute of Communication Technologies (INTECO), this phenomenon is usually linked to harassment in real life, which is why it is vital to maintain good communication and detect if it is possible to dialogue with the stalker and solve the problem.

Learn to use technological tools

Social networks and smart devices give us a variety of tools to protect our privacy, also regulate interaction with other users, ranging from limiting access to your information to blocking a user or group of users.


According to Urko Fernández, director of Pantallas Amigas, "the aggressions on the internet are perceived in a very different way to those of real life", he says that it is a different scenario where if they are exposed they can contain or even stop the harassment.

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