Letter from a mother to her son about the marks of her pregnancy


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Some mothers feel uncomfortable because of the marks that the pregnancy left on their body but that does not have to be the case. This girl wanted to fight against that feeling by explaining that each brand is a reminder of our value as mothers.

Letter from a mother to her son about the marks of her pregnancy

When her son Archer asked about the marks on her belly, this mother wrote a text that went viral. In addition, she had a double pregnancy and completely portrayed one by one the changes in her body with pride.

The complete letter

"This morning my son Archer asked me about the appearance of my belly, and I told him that all my babies left marks on my belly so I will never forget that I felt them grow in my body and that they exist on this earth, thanks to what It's me now.

My stretch marks are the reminder that I was part of the miracle of life. My last pregnancy was double. I was taking medication for nausea all the time, I grew up so fast that I felt my belly was literally torn apart and during the last month it was very difficult for me to move.

Mentally, I was struggling because I was not sure how my child would feel about having two new sisters, I was anguished to know that the little ones would need more attention and the bigger one might feel replaced.

I was not sure how I could attend to two babies at the same time. I'm still not sure how we're going to do that. When people ask me if I am ready for what is coming the answer is "not at all".

Who can prepare for everything that comes with a child? Much less for what comes with two. I have twenty days to get to know these two little women and I must admit that I am very afraid.

But what I'm not afraid of is looking at myself in the mirror and loving the marks on my skin as I love my children. "

Fuente: buenavibra.es
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