Chechnya kidnap singer for homosexuality

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It is known that homophobia is more radical in certain countries, such as Russia, or other regions of Eastern Europe for example. There have been millions of reports of physical and verbal aggression against homosexuals seeking to live their sex life without problems in that country, in fact, there are countless videos that can support these acts of low tolerance towards others.

Chechnya kidnap singer for homosexuality

Zelimkhan Bakayev, a Russian singer, was reported missing since August after traveling to Chechnya for his sister's wedding. It was the parents of the interpreter who reported to organizations in their desperation to find their son, who is openly homosexual.

During the course of this year, several disappearances of homosexual men in Chechnya were reported.

Even during March, there was the existence of concentration camps where members of the LGBTTTI community are tortured in unimaginable ways.

Representatives of NGOs in Russia, on the other hand, believe that Bakayev was abducted and sent to a torture center in the context of the policy against gender diversity led by the Chechen authorities.

Other theories point to that the singer could have been assassinated by Chechen police although this still can not be confirmed.

However, on different internet portals such as, the Russian singer has been tortured and murdered in an anti-gay concentration camp in Chechnya, as has been ensured by various groups in favor of human rights and LGBTI.

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