The power of laughter, the best remedy for bad times


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It's good to laugh. Brain connoisseurs, hormones and all those issues that are so interesting to physical health, will know what benefits it brings to the body to be able to generate "that" we call laughter, which occurs more often among those who take to take the life with some joy and a capacity for wonder.

The power of laughter, the best remedy for bad times

At the same time, those who study the emotional health and its adjacencies do not stop praising the laughter, seeing it as a cause and consequence of a healthy attitude of life. These connoisseurs say that it is important to laugh at what they can, even value doing so in relation to supposedly negative avatars, which when not taken too seriously, diminish their ability to harm when they encounter a certain spirit to avoid excessive drama.

It is true that there are laughter of laughter. As an example of that variety is that sarcastic, almost poisoned laugh, which discharges its frustrations by mocking or humiliating someone. Another example, found in the antipodes, is the pure laughter of a child who is astonished at the appearance (and disappearance) of his mother's face, in the classic game of "where is it ?, here it is!" humans have been chasing since time immemorial.

He laughs from the belly, with tears in his eyes, without stopping? not often for our payments.

We are more given to the sarcasm, to the double meaning, that although it generates a laughter does not arrive at the laughter that own own flight and doubles in two to that lives it in fullness.

Laughter arises from different levels of surprise, unexpected associations, eruptions of different logics that have been given and, above all, appears in the key of vitality, especially when you live the joy.

Difficult is that when fear reigns, laughter appears. It is also almost impossible to appear when you are in an environment where the essential thing is to control things.

Laughing is a shock, yes, but it's more than that. It means a glimpse of complicity with that cosmic form that has the destiny to carve its own becoming. At the same time, it is a celebration (better when it is shared) that appears to understand a kind of underlying text that exists in the everyday, that hidden thought or feeling that is expressed in the key of parody below so many "serious" circumstances.

We long for that laugh of the baby who laughs from the belly, the laughter without mediation of double meaning or the "intelligence" of jokes illustrated and plagued with misunderstandings. Sometimes laughter appears when you touch the pure instinct, like those eschatological jokes that, of lingering excessively, ruin moments and make you feel bad.

Laughter and humor do not always go hand in hand, but they are brothers. The humor laughs but, above all, it smiles, which is wonderful but has edges different from that which generates laughter. It is true that this ability to take things with humor helps us to place ourselves in a bigger place than our circumstance, which sometimes overwhelms and chokes us and that, when we can laugh at it (at least a little), we can locate in its just dimension. Taking yourself too seriously is inadvisable, by the way.

Not everything is laughter in life, we know it well. But not laughing does not make us smarter or deeper

Genuine seriousness sometimes comes with laughter included, like that laugh of the Buddha or the sages that include joy in their existential menu.

It is worth laughing, little or much, but to do so much. It does not solve our own problems or the dramas of the world, but it gives them an adequate perspective, drawing power from the demons of the mind, so that living is interesting, and not only a bitter mission, of which we have no escape.

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