What can I do to protect my pet in the event of an earthquake?

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Preparation is one of the main ways to protect your life and that of your loved ones if there is an emergency caused by natural disasters. After the hurricanes that occurred in the United States and the earthquake that affected Mexico, prevention is essential.

What can I do to protect my pet in the event of an earthquake?

How to be prepared?

Just as you should be ready, for example with evacuation routes and meeting points in case of emergency in your neighborhood or work area, it is also important that you know your pet well and give him help and, above all, keep calm as much as possible

Please note the following recommendations:

Make sure your pet (dog or cat) always carries his or her identification badge. It is best if this is complemented by the implantation of the microchip.

Identify where your pet usually hides when she is scared, so you can quickly get her out of the house.

Arrange an emergency bag for you and it includes basic items for your pet such as: a drinker, a plate for your meal, a necklace, food and a toy.

Try to train your pet for basic relief in emergency situations.

Keep a record of clear pictures of your pet, in which it can be clearly seen - both full-length and close-up - in case you need to post ads on your search.

Several cases of pets rescued in Mexico after the earthquake of 7.1 degrees have been reported on the Richter scale. In addition, platforms have been created through social networks to locate those that are lost.

Remember that on occasion of loss, in the middle of the emergency you can go to the National Police that has a specialized operation to locate lost pets.

What to do after?

If after the earthquake, flood or hurricane you find yourself a pet of someone else, we give you the following recommendations:

Pick it up and give it water.

Take it to the nearest veterinary center that can do a general review.

Go to the police to notify you that you found someone else's pet.

Post the news on your social networks and monitor the publications constantly to return the pet to its owner.

Do not forget that they are our faithful companions and that they would never leave you to your luck in case of an emergency.

Fuente: www.4patas.com.co
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