Japanese secret! Making it will make your skin 50 years younger!

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Perhaps you have wondered if you possibly could rejuvenate the face skin? Certainly, there are absolutely no miracles, but you may be wondering what we can, would be to help you appear younger as well as be healthier, providing you with more tonicity as well as more elasticity. And a highly effective and simple treatment is to make use of the “Japanese” economic mask. Would you like to know what it really is and how it really is done?

Japanese secret! Making it will make your skin 50 years younger!

Everyone knows how much all of us regularly invest in cosmetics, lotions, and therapies. A lot, undoubtedly. The fascinating thing regarding all these industrial sectors dedicated to the field of beauty is they use 100 % natural ingredients that are accessible to any or all of us. However obviously, they are used as well as synthesized such large amounts in the creams bought from stores; And that we usually attempt some lotions throughout existence, depending on our own age as well as our requirements.

Currently we want to bring in such a fundamental element which you probably in no way considered this: rice. A fix from Japan? Indeed it is. This is a very conventional female treatment in the East. Allow us to explain the benefits.


Rice is a great tonic for your skin. It offers a component known as inositol which is wonderful in assisting to slow the aging process through promoting blood flow and efficiently benefiting the entire health from the skin.

The rice is actually full of vitamin B. You’re the many benefits of vitamin B to deal with our skin, our own hair, our own nails. It stimulates the actual regeneration from the skin, plays a role in softening your skin and tones up the skin towards external components.

The rice hydrates reaffirms and regenerates the skin. This particular virtue occurs mainly through rice water, a really conventional treatment for Japanese women.

It has an anti-wrinkle impact. Once we have currently mentioned, the key to rice is to rejuvenate the face area lies in the element inositol. This can deal with wrinkles as well as stimulate blood circulation in face skin, that is always therefore delicate.

Rice is an excellent exfoliator. It is amazing, but amongst its benefits, we must include phytic acidity. And what performs this element do? It eliminates dead pores and skin cells, assisting to rejuvenate the face area slowly.

It removes the flaws of acne. Once again, it’s the rice water that is the ideal portion of this therapy in order to cleanse the skin we have of overseas elements. Purge, tone and minimize facial defects caused primarily by acne breakouts. It is far better to execute a treatment a minimum of two days per week.


You now know that our own mask from Japan has rice as its fundamental elements. Full of vitamins as well as rejuvenating attributes, it is really worth the effort to use this treatment at least two times a week. If you would like, you can health supplement this mask along with your typical creams, currently a simple way to obtain extra advantages in a very affordable way. And become sure – it offers great results.


This reviving mask will need the following components:

Three tbsp natural brown rice. You could find this on the market or organic food shops, ensure most importantly that it is natural, ie free of pesticides or even chemicals, which means you will get all of the natural attributes of rice.

One and a half spoonfuls of distilled drinking water.

Two tbsp of fresh avocado.

Half a tsp of honey.


1 . It is extremely easy, obviously. The very first thing you do is actually cook the actual rice. You utilize very little rice, as you’ll see, however you want to make sure that the mask is recently made each time since it is actually how to take advantage of its features. Heat the actual rice till tender after which separate water from the rice. Conserve both items.

2. What we do now could be to strain it and put this in another dish and add the actual avocado and also the honey. With a spoon stir the mixture nicely to create a good, homogeneous substance. When you are prepared, use it for your skin.

3. Leave on the face no less than 15 or even 20 minutes. Then with a cotton swab remove the mask and clean your face using the rice water you formerly set aside. In this manner, you will use on and deal with small staining and harmful particles.

You see that this particular facial Japanese mask is extremely complete, basic and cheap. This allows us to take advantage of both rice and its water. In case you prepare this particular remedy two times a week, it is going to rejuvenate the face each day. Give it a try!

Fuente: www.organichealthuniverse.com
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