You will not believe who the crew of this Russian ship are


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Cats are characterized as being animals that normally shy away from water; however, in Russia there is a ship where two of its officers are furry and serious mininos.

You will not believe who the crew of this Russian ship are

These two mammals are in the Nikolai Chernishevski, a tourist vessel, in which the Captain Sailor, is a great white cat, whose investiture is a jacket and official hat, that allow to identify its range more easily.

On the other hand, the first officer Boatswain, is a Scottish fold, who remains constantly close to the helm and who, like his superior, shines impeccably attire.

 Vladimir Kotin, is the true boat captain and says that both cats are very docile, elegant and contrary to what many think, being placed in front of the helm take this responsibility seriously and do not separate from his post not a minute.

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