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The night began like any other: a boy and a girl met through Tinder and decided to meet. So far, so good. But after a nice dinner, he invited her to his house and began the problems that ended with her trapped in the window of his partner's bathroom.

They met by Tinder and ended up calling the fire department

Liam Smith of Bristol, UK, was responsible for telling his horror story on the internet: "We had a lovely night and enjoyed each other's company," he said. But it all went away when his appointment went to the bathroom of his house. "He came back with a look of panic in his eyes, and told me he had something to tell me." The young woman explained that she had an emergency and that when she pulled the chain "that" had been stuck.

Blushing, she confessed that the only thing that occurred to her was to take it from the toilet, wrap it in toilet paper and throw it out the window. "Unfortunately, due to a fancy design of my house, the bathroom window does not look outside." The "debris" was trapped in a gap that separates the inner glass from a second window with access to the outside.

Liam, ready to put an end to the problem, sought a hammer to break the glass, but the young woman then chose to try to recover her feces by stepping into the gap between windows of the window. As she struggled to get out of the way with the greatest dignity possible, Liam recorded the episode in pictures. The girl slipped through the gap and reached the "package" to throw it up and get rid of it. "End the problem," he must have thought.

Although the relief did not last many more seconds. The bad luck that had accompanied her throughout the night culminated in another "jam": his, inside the window. Smith, who tried to release her without success, called the fire department, who finally broke the crystal to rescue her. "I do not complain, they did what they had to do," explains the young man in a letter. He acknowledges, "The problem is that the budget to make it up to 300 pounds. As a graduate student, that amount is a significant part of my monthly budget (in fact, it's my monthly budget)."

What Smith asked in his text, published on a crowdfunding platform, is a contribution of 200 pounds to be able to fix the window and thus "save a life" ("My landlord would kill me", details). It may have done so with little hope of getting the money, but not only did it, but the donations have reached almost 2,000 pounds. And, in addition, with the great diffusion that had the case, received offers for the placement of the glass without charge.

Finally, Liam will allocate money raised to two charities, one in support of firefighters and another that builds and maintains toilets in developing countries. And if they wonder if the young man and his date were seen again, the answer is yes. Who knows if, in a future, they will share a bathroom with a window to the outside.

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