Library in the United States will document memes history


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Memes have entertained us since their invention and spread by social networks, sometimes even frightening the accuracy of their description, so it seems that now it is official, the memes would have ceased to be a temporary fad of very prolonged presence, to become an official fragment of Western history and culture. At least that seems to be the thinking of the US Library of Congress.

Library in the United States will document memes history

This body, responsible for documenting, analyzing and safeguarding the historical and cultural manifestations of the United States. launched a project called "Web Cultures Web Archive Collection" on a website designed to show key moments in digital history, including memes.

The head of the American Folklife Center archives, Nicole Saylor, said that this idea was born after observing in young people who are more interested in knowing more about "Slender Man" than the American traditions themselves.

The rules to be part of the Web Cultures Web Archive Collection are simple, the manifestations must represent an incarnation or expression of shared values ​​of a particular group, that group can be ethnic, religious, occupational or regional.

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