These habits could be damaging your health without you noticing


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There are certain customs that we perform with naturalness daily and without realizing they damage the immune system.

These habits could be damaging your health without you noticing

If you think you have any of them, it's time to avoid them or change them altogether.

Not sleeping enough

If you are not doing so, your body will not fight diseases so effectively, because while you sleep, your body strengthens the immune system to learn how to attack new bacteria and viruses.

Do not exercise

If you're sitting all day, you cause respiratory infections to last 42% longer than those who do physical activity at least once a week.

Try to do some exercise every day, such as going for a walk after lunch or you can take a stroll in a shopping center, apart from doing some exercise you'll settle for a while.

Stress, stress and more stress

Stress detonated by a specific event has mixed results for your immune system: it prepares your body's defenses to cope with infections or wounds, but it also causes inflammation. Chronic stress can damage your entire system.

Drink too much

Chronically drinking makes your white blood cells less effective in fighting harmful bacteria. Your body produces smaller amounts of the cells that identify and kill viruses and bacteria.


Obesity is a type of excessive malnutrition and can alter the number of white blood cells in your body. A healthy weight will not only make you feel good and fit, but it will also protect you from disease.

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