Let's learn from this cat and this dog: life is too short not to be happy


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The Hallmark channel seeks to bring its audience closer to dogs and cats that are homeless. For this, it has two ambassadors of happiness: Happy and Happy.

Let's learn from this cat and this dog: life is too short not to be happy

Happy the cat is 3 years old and was rescued from an animal shelter in Ohio. He is adorable, friendly and his job is to rescue humans who are sad, stressed or looking for a shoulder on which to lean. Also, provoke a smile in everyone who knows it.

There is nothing that displeases Happy the cat, because its nine lives are very short not to be happy, it says in its biography. He loves the sound of the keys that warns that someone came, also the children, sunny days, rain and, of course, the sound of food cans when they open.

Happy the dog was also rescued from an animal shelter and as soon as this happened, he could not hide his happiness. Like his namesake the cat, he knows that life is too short not to be happy.

Among his favorite pastimes is wagging his tail, scratching his head, taking naps under the sun, learning new tricks and, no doubt, snacks. His mission is to make everyone around you happy, make friends and have fun.

Ambassadors of happiness

Happy the cat and Happy the dog were adopted by the television channel to bring their audience closer to dogs and cats that are homeless.

All this is framed in the 'Paws-itivity' campaign, a play on words Paws and Positivity, with which they also seek to raise awareness about the importance of care and responsibility that comes with having one of these Peluditos at home.

They share set with some channel stars, participate in programs and are ambassadors of what they have called 'Pet project', a space in which animal lovers can find information on places in the United States to adopt, as well as practical advice For those who have pets.

This project has been widely accepted and has made its four-legged ambassadors great celebrities. Happy the dog was on the carpet of the recent edition of the Teen Choice Awards. Not even the actress Vanessa Hudgens could resist his charms and posed in a photo with him!

Fuente: www.4patas.com.co
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