Are dogs and cats really rivals?


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If you like dogs and cats alike but you are afraid to have one of each species at the time for their alleged rivalry, we tell you that it is not impossible to be taken as real friends.

Are dogs and cats really rivals?

We do not know from when we started to hear that "they take like dogs and cats" or "look like dogs and cats" to talk about two people who do not have a good relationship. That phrase, of course, is taken from the rivalry that has always been attributed to two of our favorite animals in the world. But is it true?

It depends.

In some cases they sympathize almost from the first moment. They see, they growl, they sniff and then everything is games, peace and love. In others, it may take a little longer and this work will require patience from the human boss of the pack. Forcing things will never be a good idea.

The truth is that you can not generalize. They are not enemies because yes.

Why are they considered rivals?

Dogs and cats have different personalities, speak different languages ​​and that is evident in their routine and in their interaction with humans. While dogs are effusive and love to be pampered, cats are more independent and prefer to decide whether to be alone or not.

To this must be added that while cats resemble each other, regardless of race, dogs have different behaviors and as we can find a tender and quiet German Shepherd, we can meet a Pincher furious and grumpy.

Also, some attitudes of dogs like jumping or moving the tail are interpreted by cats as a threat and that causes them to take distance.

But with patience they can become best friends, so do not worry. If you want to have dogs and cats at home at the same time, do it, you just have to keep certain things in mind so that the relationship is the best.

And yes, they also become jealous when they see that their human is more affectionate with another animal, so it is very important that both of them receive the same affection, that both have the same attention. Ideally, they live together from cubs and are of opposite sexes, to reduce possible friction.

To lower the tension, you can use the game as a pretext to bring them closer together. Of course, you never force them.

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