Marijuana does nothing (and I believed it), the letter that all young people should read


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Marijuana is one of the drugs most used by young people. However, when used in medicinal treatments, its negative effects on health have been questioned by those who consume it.

Marijuana does nothing (and I believed it), the letter that all young people should read

Marcelo Alejandro Crespo uploaded his Facebook this post. It was viralized, and has already been read by thousands of people in Spanish America.

Marijuana does nothing (and I believed it), the letter that all young people should read

My parents always told me that the drug kills, however I saw so many children smoking marijuana and none was dying. But I saw that my friends, when they smoked, began to laugh and to have fun.

They tell you: what kills is the cigarette, so I smoke marijuana. But I wonder, the joint is not made with tobacco? He took out a cigarette, took off his tobacco, mixed it with marijuana, and threw himself at a piece of paper. So everything happens to the lungs, and above it does not have any filter like tobacco cigarette.

In case of doubt, I'll ask if marijuana kills, directly to the source, or to those who smoke, and they answer no, that they are lies. It's relaxing, you have fun and you feel great. Faced with this certainty, parents are also convinced. "They do everything, they smoke everywhere, they make you look good, it's a hobby."

With this scenario parents are left without arms: how can I get my child out of this candy, which he likes so much, if everyone does?

And on top of that, if they say no, they seem to be against society, and if they show their concern to other parents, they probably will not talk to them again because their children can become infected.

My friends are still convinced that smoking does not cause you any problem, and they convinced me. And it was fine, because I liked to do it.

Although later there began to be problems in my house. In my family they told me that I could not talk, that I reacted badly, I was more irritated. I just did not want them getting into my things, I found the tranquility I needed with marijuana. I had problems at school that would not let me sleep, and with the joint was fine. Even my girlfriend left me, but I did not care.

I stopped going to the nightclub, and I was with the boys even at the times I had to go to school. My mother was angry because I went home only to eat and to lock myself in my room.

Juan, my friend who never consumed, says that I felt it was great, because I did not realize the reality. Marijuana alters what I perceive or what I grasp of things and I see a different reality to the non-smoker. According to the level of marijuana I have in my brain, project, flight, I meditate on my life. He made me some fantastic castles, in the air, but then he did not do anything.

And, as it is variable, I changed my projects week by week, year by year, I left school, or every year I changed university career. Actually, I found it hard to study, I spent hours on the same page of the book, and it was hard for me to memorize, I began to forget some things.

I thought I controlled, smoked more than five days and nothing happened to me. To this, my friend replied that, as marijuana is deposited in the brain, a reserve of cannabis is made. Therefore, always had a daily dose, so abstinence or despair with nervousness, anger, anxiety, sweating, no smoking appear as 10 days or so. It is a physical or psychological withdrawal, so I despair and really want to be with my friends who consume. If one smokes very often, it takes about a month to completely detoxify. It's amazing, I can spend 3 weeks without smoking, and instead the urine test continues to give positive tetrahydrocannabinoids (cannabis-marijuana).

Today I am 24 years old and I am in a therapeutic community. My parents, tired of continuing to "vegetate" and without completing anything, I was hospitalized. I always refused and said I was of age. They told me that if I decided to continue with the same life, they would stop me from giving support. And I at that moment, what work would I receive ?, if I did not finish! The work I always do is not enough to hire me anything.

So, as long as I've passed marijuana, I'm not a fool, "since I do not have to rent or eat, I stay in a rehab center, so I leave them quiet for a while and then I would go back to the same thing ", I thought so.

As I leave the joint, I begin to become more aware of reality, and when I look back, I realize how deceived I have been for so long. Sometimes I feel like a stupid, childish, who cries for his mom or for some frustration. It seems that I was still 14 years old, I would have stopped maturing the day I got hooked and fell in love with marijuana. I did not learn to solve problems, I did not learn from experiences, I covered everything with a small question.

Between alcohol and marijuana, which was being ironed, he sometimes had to connect with cocaine. Of course, sometimes it scared me, because I ended up in the hospital because my heart felt out of my chest.

When I entered the rehabilitation center I did not want to stay because there were several guys who were crazy-crazy, and I was just a marihuanero. But then I knew they started like me, falling in love with the joint. They listened to voices (auditory hallucinations), spoke alone and did not coordinate much of what they said, despite being there for several months without using drugs. Marijuana in some people triggers a psychosis (not having contact with reality, among other things), some improve with medication and if they do not smoke more marijuana and, in others, unfortunately do not recover more of their mental illness, and is diagnosed schizophrenia.

To understand a little better I started reading, and I learned that drugs stimulate the release of a substance (neurotransmitter) called dopamine. This substance stimulates an area of ​​the brain, called the Reward Center, resulting in a sensation of pleasure. The person wants to repeat this sensation, increasing the frequency and quantity of consumption, being very difficult to say "no" to "that" that gives pleasure, and above "do it all".

As consumption increases, neurons become accustomed, adapt to the new chemical guest, producing changes in their structures, over time, and subsequently becomes very difficult or impossible to leave. That is why it is said that addiction is a disease, because biological mechanisms are involved, not only psychological and not only cure with the will. The Reward Center is also stimulated by food, water, sex, sport, among other things. But pleasure comes slower than with the drug.

This is the magic property of the drug, which makes you feel pleasure immediately, and the faster you achieve this effect, the more addictive it is, or the more risks you run from not wanting to leave. One falls in love, gets married, and the saddest thing is that you can not divorce. I think that's the challenge of today's trade, every time they mix it with more rare substances, to make them more addictive.

How much time I lost to believing that marijuana does nothing.

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