"The art of happiness"

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Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese art consisting of a series of techniques and practices that seek to harmonize the Vital Energy in the body. This "art of happiness" or as other translations say "art of the Creator through the compassionate person," manipulates the energy to flow through the body, running through the internal organs, down the face, passing through the sternum, flowing through the pubis and then going up the spine until reaching the head, so again descending the same way.

"The art of happiness"

In 1900, Jiro Murai, a Japanese scholar from a family with a long medical tradition and suffering from a terminal illness, managed to recover his health by making a retreat in the mountains and using only meditation, fasting and the systematic practice of different Mudras (energetic postures with hands).

Following this limiting experience, Murai developed the Jin Shin Jyutsu (The Art of the Creator through man) as a powerful tool that allows the person to become aware of his body, connect with his soul and recover the lost balance through something so simple and within reach of all like their own hands. Later Murai made known to the world the millennial art that his family carried, so that anyone could have it within reach.

The Jin Shin Jyutsu considers that the human body is crossed by three great energy channels and works on them with the hands, softly but firmly. Fundamentally the technique consists of massages or touches since each finger is an energetic channel that connects with a particular emotion and with its associated organs.

The free flow of Energy is sometimes hampered by the rhythm of life we ​​carry, hereditary components, external aspects such as food, climatology, and our personal attitude to life. To re-circulate energy through that channel, you have to touch the right finger with small strokes. They can be made with the index and the thumb of the other hand or with all the fingers, like embracing the finger to treat, closing the fist to his around.

Meaning of the fingers

In the technique of Jin shin jyutsu, each finger is the entrance to the different energetic channels that communicate with the organs of the body. During the day the fingers of the left hand are the ones that are connected, so at night you should use your right hand to make the energy flow. The technique to flow this energy is to press each finger for 5 minutes.

It communicates energy to the stomach and spleen.

Index finger.
It relates to the ear, bladder and kidney.

Middle finger.
Estimate the power so that the person does not feel fatigue nor problems of circulation, in addition to the connection with the liver and the gallbladder.

Ring finger.
It activates the power in the lungs and the large intestine, producing improvement in digestive problems and others that are linked with breathing.

It is used to eliminate insecurities, blood pressure problems, also communicate with the heart and small intestine.

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