Study: being bald makes you look more masculine, intelligent and successful


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Being Bald is one of the life’s curses for some men. They say it’s genetics, hereditary, you’re doomed and it is going to happen. For most blokes, this can knock confidence, so much so if you have the cash like Rooney, you could even spend up to 15k trying to reverse the damage.

Study: being bald makes you look more masculine, intelligent and successful

But according to a study by Albert E. Mannes, from the University of Pennsylvania here are the top benefits of being bald:

Men with shaved heads were rated as more dominant.

Men whose hair was digitally removed were perceived as more dominant, taller and stronger than their authentic selves.

Natural hair loss may improve their perception of being more intelligent.

So now when you see yourself going bald, there are several benefits to it. Be proud of it as you look more successful, intelligent and masculine.

Some of the most successful businessmen are bad guys and the research wasn’t far wrong, there’s something very powerful about men who are bald. Maybe it could even be the price of being at the top (with no hair)!

The study is not saying that you will be the next Rock, Bruce Willis, or even top CEO Jeff Bezos of Amazon, but even still, it’s worth noticing that these top men are some of the most successful in their careers, and being bald has not hampered their success.

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