Pizza diet with which a chef claims to have lost 100 pounds


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Pasquale Cozzolini is an Italian chef who in 2011 left his native Naples and moved to New York, where he arrived with one hundred and ninety-eight meters in height and his 230 pounds. But just a few months later, at the beginning of 2012, it weighed 336 pounds.

Pizza diet with which a chef claims to have lost 100 pounds

"I drank two or three cans of soda and ate between 10 and 12 Oreo cookies every day, once I broke the whole box, it was like a drug for me," says the chef, who remembers that on a visit to Italy, his own family didn't recognize.

Now, this food expert says in "The New York Post" thanks to a satiating and tasty diet based on eating pizza has lost the 100 pounds he had won in the United States.

"If you eat a pizza, you do not need anything else, it helps you escape the junk food," Pasquale told the New York newspaper.

When your doctor told you that "you must lose weight or you would be prone to a heart attack", he decided to go on a diet. The chef finally left the sweets and soft drinks and began to eat half of their usual portions. On the other hand, he decided to base his diet on a Mediterranean diet in which fruits and vegetables were plentiful.

Of course, the change in diet also came with other healthy routines. Cozzolini started kickboxing twice a week.

To eat a healthy pizza you have to make sure you do it in the classic Italian way, says the chef. The dough should be made with a flour of wheat, water, sea salt and yeast, and let them ferment for 36 hours.

"There's the key," says Cozzolino. "Thanks to the long fermentation process, the yeast eats most of the sugar and leaves only the complex carbohydrates, which are easier to digest and help maintain the feeling of satiety for longer."

The ingredients are also very important. Just a little tomato sauce, little muzzarella, basil and a few drops of olive oil. Pasquale lunches one of these every day and eats a fish dish with vegetables. Add nutrients and proteins by putting broccoli, mushrooms, mushrooms and any other vegetable and without sausages or sauces.

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