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"My heart will go on", yes ... I think this song resonates in our heads like an automatic rockolla whenever it is referred to.

9-year-old girl leaves Simon Cowell out of breath singing a huge classic

Although immortal, it is an overly difficult song to interpret ... very very difficult for its notes and structure, not for nothing the original singer is the talented and unforgettable: Celine Dion.

Even so many singers have dared to sing this classic and since there have been so many who have interpreted it success, in some it does not cause great emotion to hear it, nevertheless, the panorama changed when in the program ¨America's Got Talent¨, a little girl of only 9 years old who responds to the name of Celine Tam, announced that she would sing this theme of her idol, accompanied by her parents and little sister who motivated her even more to show off and make it spectacular ..

The jury took an automatic stance somewhat unbeliever, although the safety of the small contestant is impressive do not fail to emphasize that it is not a simple classic, perhaps for their minds was something like "it will either be a resounding success or an unforgettable failure."
When the little girl spoke of her fanaticism for Celine Dion, Simon Cowell was disinterested and even bored, whereas Mel B seemed to trust in the talent of the little girl and looked forward to the moment of its interpretation.

At last the moment was present, Celine gave an incredible spectacle and then the face of the judge Simon radically changed, in the end it applauded him standing.

I share with you the impressive and tender interpretation of this nascent artist.
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