Gluten-free diet is healthier: myth or reality?


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Gluten-free food is the new fashion that sweeps the gastronomic world. It is called fad because many turn to it not because they have a gluten intolerance or have been diagnosed with Celiac disease but rather by this diet that is so famous in the world of celebrities.

Gluten-free diet is healthier: myth or reality?

The question we all ask ourselves is is it a myth or reality that diet-based gluten-free food is healthier?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Similar to "glue" it helps hold the shape of foods such as cereal, bread and pasta.

Gluten can cause illness for some people. An estimate of 18 million people in the US have some form of gluten intolerance - known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) - which may cause bloating, gas, diarrhea, fatigue, headache and a rash according to a health article on

There are others that suffer from celiac disease. This is a more serious reaction to gluten and can cause an attack on the lining of the small intestine. This reaction can prevent nutrients absorbing into your intestines and into the bloodstream, that leads to anemia. The most effective treatment is to stay away from gluten all together.

What foods to avoid when living a gluten free diet. Unless the label says gluten free, you must avoid whole wheat breads, beer, candies, cereals, cakes and pies, french fries, pastas, processed meats and soups.

Foods that Are Naturally Gluten Free Includes fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, fresh meats, fish , poultry unprocessed beans, seeds and nuts, and the majority of dairy products. Gluten free grains are allowed such buckwheat, corn and cornmeal, flax, quinoa, rice, soy, arrowroot and millet.

Eating a gluten-free diet can have its challenges due to the added costs compared to gluten-containing products. However, if gluten is making you sick, we encourage you to eat a gluten free diet.

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