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The fitness wave is becoming more and more marked, we want to see ourselves as models and actors because (it has been proven) women are strongly attracted to these stereotypes and we, we consider them as "role models" at least physically speaking .

21 fitness tips

The 21 tips in this post to stay fitness were posted on the portal bloke.ie the idea is that to be considered a "routine", it should be maintained for a minimum of 21 days, so take these tips and apply them one per day, so that they begin to form a fundamental part of your life.

1. Drink More water

Dehydration affects physical and mental performance. By drinking more water you can increase your energy levels and mood. Aim to drink 250ml of water each hour as well as more when exercising.

2. Record your food and mood

Recording your daily food intake and activity levels makes you accountable for your daily actions. Write down three things you are grateful for too, to feel good about life.

3. Eat Breakfast

Swap out cereal for a low-carb and high-protein breakfast. Think Eggs and Avocado. Having a higher protein based breakfast will keep your blood sugar levels stable until lunch for a better fat loss and better energy.

4. Take Vitamin D

A good quality vitamin D supplement can improve short-and long-term health problems.

5. Go for a walk at lunchtime

Sometimes we might think that having done our gym session in the morning, we have had our fitness for the day, there is no need to get up off the desk and go for a walk. But taking a lunchtime walk, even if it’s just for 20 minutes can increase your energy and reduce your feelings of stress.

6. Use Music

Listening to music that has between 120 and 140 beats per minute can help you train harder without feeling the extra effort according to research. Make a playlist to day and get the benefits of music to help you get fitter.

7. Disable Email Notifications

According to research, every notification by e-mail you receive in work not only produces a spike in cortisol, the stress hormone but also puts you in a less positive mood. Try checking your emails just twice a day or filtering unimportant emails straight away.

8. Eat Stress Busting Foods

Food can actually help you reduce stress and become healthier. In fact, the food we eat can actually give us that midday slump. Instead of getting that sugar crash associated to carb heavy foods at lunch check out this complete list of foods that are good for stress including nuts, oily fish olive oil, and greens.

9. Eat More Fat

It’s time to ditch the myth that fat is not good for you. Unsaturated fat (Found in the likes of avocado, coconut, and oily fish) is good for you. Even fat found in the likes of red meat is ok in moderation. But the likes of trans fats found in processed foods should be avoided at all costs. Another reason to ditch that bag of crisps!

10. Get better sleep

It’s no surprise that getting more sleep made its way onto this list of fitness tips. Sleeping more is one of the biggest tips that we can do right now to improve our concentration, focus and reduce stress hormones within our bodies throughout the day. To get better sleep, try making your room as dark as possible, as artificial light affects your body’s melatonin levels and decreases your quality of sleep.

11. Take Omega 3

If you don’t eat two portions of fish per week and don’t want to eat more, then think about taking omega 3 fish oil supplements at least once per day. According to research by the University of Maryland University, omega 3 fish oil can help with both brain function and fat loss.

12. Have more sex

Spending more time with your other half has been shown to improve testosterone and reduce cortisol in your body as well as improvements in health happiness and sleep.

13. Eat your greens

Swapping grains for greens not only reduces your calorie intake but it also gives your body more of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to look and perform better.

14. Stand tall

Better posture is shown to reduce back pain as well as improving confidence levels. Ways you can help yourself stand taller is to do band pull apart. Hold a band shoulder-width apart, then stretch it across your chest. Do 100 reps while your watching TV. Just make sure you inform the person next to you to avoid a whack in the face!

15. Go Green

Switch one of your daily cups of coffee for a cup of green. Green tea has been shown to have fat burning capabilities as well as give your body a source of antioxidant to reduce cell damage. Tip: to make green tea a bit more appealing, add a lemon for taste. Not only that by adding a lemon, you will increase your green tea’s level of Vitamin C for the additional antioxidant benefit.

16. Take Up Meal Prep

The idea of preparing your meals before you eat them seem to much for the disciplined. But learning to meal prep can save you cash and calories in the long term. The best way to approach meal prep is by doing a big cook on a Sunday to prepare all of your meals for the week. Getting into this habit is one of the shortcuts to success with becoming healthier. But don’t worry, if there is one day that you forget to meal prep, go healthy and order a takeaway from a paleo restaurant. This way even if you forget to meal prep, you are still eating healthy.

17. Upgrade your protein shake

Drinking protein powder and water is one of the best ways to increase your protein intake. But why not upgrade your protein shake with a handful of berries for their antioxidant value or even add in chia seeds into the blender which is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.

18. Cycle More

A Swedish study investigated the stress levels of people traveling by either bus, car, train or cycling. The study found that people cycling into work had a reduction in stress. Improve your health, burn more calories and turn your commute into a workout.

19. Think more with Zinc

High stress levels are the norm with everyday living. Having low levels of zinc, an essential element will make you mentally as well as physically tired. And if you exercise, you may also reduce your levels of zinc even further. Sweating causes you to reduce your body’s levels of zinc, so the next time you find yourself low, think of picking up some zinc supplements.

20. Eat More Meat

One of the reasons why people do not put on as much muscle as they hoped by training is that they are not getting enough protein. By eating more meat you could add more lean muscle and reduce body fat. As an easy calculation, aim to get at least 1.5g-2g per day of body weight. An easy way to do this is use this protein calculator.

20. Buy your food Shop Online

Doing your food shopping online isn’t only cheaper, but is also more convenient. It also helps you keep on your fitness plan. One of the biggest fitness mistakes is going to the supermarket hungry. You end up buying food you never intended to have on your food list. To help you get started, check out this resource of healthy recipes to help you achieve your fitness goals quicker.

21. Take A Screen Break

Sitting at your desk all day is not only bad for your back, but also increases your level of cortisol. Give your eyes a break and every hour gets up and go for a five-minute walk, or maybe even go to a colleague instead of sending them an e-mail.

Fuente: bloke.ie
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