Police in Britain found a field of marijuana plants and left the owner a polite note


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Cannabis is a source of controversy in many countries, in some countries there is some legality in their consumption, while in others they take quite radical measures. Although it doesn't apply exactly that way in this post.

Police in Britain found a field of marijuana plants and left the owner a polite note

Police in Britain found a field of marijuana plants and left the owner a polite note.

"Ooops! Sorry we missed each other," wrote an officer with the Thames Valley Police. "But feel free to call me on 101 so we can discuss a deal. Lots of love, TVP xx."

The website upi.com reported that on Twitter, the TVP posted a picture of the note, as well as the plants before they were dug up.

"Tip off led police to a forest in Oxford; officers dug up the cannabis plantation and kindly left a note to the owner #WeveGotManners," they tweeted.

Police said no arrests have been made and the marijuana was "seized and destroyed."

Marijuana remains illegal in Britain, but laws have been loosening in recent years.

In 2015, Britain's Police and Crime Commissioner, Ron Hogg, said police would be directed to not put a focus on people growing a few plants in their own home for private consumption.

"In these cases the most likely way of dealing with them would be with a caution and by taking the plants away and disposing of them," Hogg told the Telegraph. "It is unlikely that a case like that would be brought before a court."

But people still face a penalty if convicted of a crime involving marijuana.

For the production of marijuana, the maximum penalty is 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Source: upi.com

Fuente: www.upi.com
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