4 inventions you need to know...I want them!


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The 21st century advances and with it the new technology that does not wait. Many of the new inventions are created following a major need in the survival of the human being, some others ... uhmmm not so much but, they are amazing! Like the list that published the web portal bloke.ie and that I bring you in this post.

4 inventions you need to know...I want them!

1. Estream Water Generator

The Estream water generator is a new invention that combines new era tech with the outdoors. This new invention is exactly what we need not in the 21st century. As much as the purpose of escaping the modern-day life to an outdoor adventure, we must admit that we cannot do without our smartphones. The estream water generator does exactly what its name suggests. Portable in nature, when camping in the great outdoors this new invention couldn’t be any better. To generate energy from your smartphone or even light, all you do is find a lake or river with running water. The generator without the need of power is able to use the running water to generate power. No need not to be connected on your next outdoor adventure with this modern age ecological power generator.

2. Fathom one Drone

The Fathom one Drone took 3 years in the making. When we think of drones, we normally think of them flying above our head. With the fathom one Drone, this is exactly the opposite. The Idea is to have an underwater drone that can give you a more educational experience controlled by an app of the underwater mysteries. Three young lads came up with the invention when they posed the question of “Why cant a drone go under water”. Although it had already existed, it was not manufactured in the past to be affordable and robust enough that it could fit in your backpack. The fathom one drone on the other hand ticks all of these boxes.

3. Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertip – SGNL

A very cool new invention that you might be able to answer a phone call with through your finger. Its very a very james bond like invention. However, will it really take off is the question. Although being slick and cool, is the invention really needed and does it actually solve a problem that we need. Probably not, but a very cool new invention.

4. Cyclotron bike

The cyclotron bike is definitely the future of bike design. From its fully illuminate wheels to keep you safe at night time, to its app-enabled physiological monitors as well as abilities to carry the shopping it is definitely the future of bikes. However, the question still exists whether you would actually be caught on one of these futuristic bikes just yet. Definitely where the future is going, but the question remains I don’t think us blokes are quite ready for it just yet.

Fuente: bloke.ie
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