Top turn offs for women on a first date. What not to do!


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It's the scheduled date, you have everything planned for that girl you dated, a girl you want to conquer, but after all that effort does not answer your calls or messages or not give air for a second date ... what happened?

Top turn offs for women on a first date. What not to do!

There are many easy mistakes made by men on the way to conquering a girl, with a list created by the website to take into account clichéd errors and avoid these common turn offs for women:

Not Paying for the First Date Meal

The first big turn off for women is not paying for the meal on your first date. It’s just a given that men should always pay for EVERYTHING on the first date. After the first date, then you can talk 50/50 or whatever way you want to play it. But not paying for your woman on the first date is the number one turn off.

Getting drunk on a first date

Getting drunk on a first date is a serious turn off for women. It might be considered easier if you both have too many to drink, but shoveling the beers into you on a first date and slurring your words for the rest of the date is a sure way to turn that woman off on a first date.

Being Negative

Being funny or putting a gentle slag out there might come across as cute and flirtatious. But whatever you do, do not be negative or give out about people on a first date. Avoid critiquing others to reassure her. I.e. “Do you see that girls bum, isn’t it huge” Negative comments even in jest, can show you are picky, snobby and will come off just plain stupid.

Forgetting to Have a Shower

After several studies published about the powers of pheromones and the ability to attract women with fresh male sweat, it has led men to believe that their sweat is highly attractive to women. Unfortunately, the research is on the fence about this one. if you smell bad to a woman on your first date, this can be a serious turn off and should be avoided on a first date.

Wearing Too Much Aftershave

Worse than smelling bad is wearing too much aftershave. This as well can give the impression of being over eager and frankly hard to sit beside. A nice smelling aftershave or deodorant can really entice that lady but going a bit overboard can be a serious turn-off. It’s important to get it right and not overdo it on the aftershave front, especially on a first date.

Looking at other women on a first date

This should be an obvious one, but ogling other women on a first date is a serious turn-off. It shows a lack of interest for your date. If you want to go any further with the lady in front of you, it would be advised to keep your eyes pointed straight ahead and not wandering around the room at other women.

Not making any effort

The little things matter the most. This doesn’t mean that your effort has to be a diamond necklace but, making the effort to pre-book the restaurant or doing a little homework with her mates to find out what food she likes can give you the headstart to a good date.

Talking about the EX

Steer clear of the “ex-talk”, no one wants to hear little anecdotes about the exes, especially not on a first date. Easier said than done. As being on a first date after a drink or two can have you both talking about your lives, past loves and aspirations (dependent on the strength of the wine) either way, avoid the ex talk as this can appear as if there is too much baggage and an unsafe territory for them to pursue a new relationship.

Bragging on a first date

Boating or name dropping is just bad on a first date. Bragging, in general, is a serious turn off for women. Despite how much you think it might be impressing them, saying how much you get paid or how much weight you can lift at the gym is a serious turn off for women on a first date.

Discussing the perfect date

Boredom sometimes comes into a first date and this is a common nonsense question that comes up. The problem with discussing your ideal partner on a first date with questions like, what are your “must haves” in a girl, or what celebrity would you like to go on a date with will only lead you into more trouble with the ladies than its worth. On a first date, its advised to avoid the “what qualities do you like in a girl” question.

Swearing on a first date

A dirty mouth is very unattractive for a female, especially on a first date. It gives off a bad impression. Being a gentleman on a first date is very important and having a filthy mouth can be a sign of a bloke with bad manners and that is something that ladies will not want to bring home to the parents.

Your Mates

Avoid taking your date to the local where your mates hang out. Alarm bells seem to go off if she gets a bad impression of your mates. Women tend to judge a bloke based on their mates, and if you have one loud mate always up for the slag, its probably best to ease her into this mate, and avoid the introduction on a first date.

Groping while kissing

So let’s say you get past the first date meal, drink and are lucky enough to land a kiss. Don’t go overboard and feel the poor girl up. Having a good grope of the girl on the first date is an over the eager flag and will get you crossed off the respond to list. It’s a head melt, but the more subtle you are the more intriguing you become!

Not Texting Her Back

And then there is trying to be too smooth. Having the first date and then not texting her back has been recommended to keep her keen but depending on the girl, it can be one of the biggest pet hates for women. Just let them know, if you’re not interested, just let them know.

Not saying this list is 100% bulletproof and offers no guarantees, but if you steer clear of these mistakes on a first date, you will give yourself the best opportunity of keeping that lady interested in a second date.

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