This snack will be your faithful companion in the barbecues

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Summer is synonymous with holidays, share with friends and invite them to your house to a barbecue party, so you have everything ready: meat, beer and everything you need, except coal, start thinking what can I do? Well, in this article we give you a solution to solve with something you surely did not forget to buy: Doritos.

This snack will be your faithful companion in the barbecues

In the web portal jumblejoy explain that New Orleans station WGNO created this hilarious how-to video for a backyard barbecue hack.

What You’ll Need:

Fireproof dish
Food for grilling

What will you do:

Spread the Doritos on the plate and light them in the fire.

Apparently, the cheese neon dust will ignite and keep the flames burning long enough to heat some hot dogs. To impart some flavor of neon cheese to the food on the grill? This could be the latest trend in gourmet cuisine.

As with any other fire experiment, be careful. Keep a handy fire extinguisher, and start small.

This segment is published as "News with a Twist," but it looks more like those people who like the things they burn, the guys just have a bigger platform and a good excuse to get paid for playing with fire. They seem dazed and excited about their good fortune. "We are like Emeril here, Emeril and Julia Child." Yes, just like Emeril and Julia Child, with Doritos and hot dogs.

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