With these tricks you will use Instagram as a professional


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(www.extremisimo.net) Since the arrival of Facebook in our lives, the perception of "social networks" has changed since then, and with the ever changing technology, these have been molded according to the inclinations and facilities when it comes to interacting with the world. The Instagram boom has reached every corner of the planet but, many may not know the following tricks that will be mentioned in this post for quick use and as a professional.

With these tricks you will use Instagram as a professional

Send photos from direct messages to specified persons:

If you do not want the photos to appear on your "home wall" and that everyone sees them when you do not really want that, there is another way for your photos to be seen by certain people, for that alone. You will need to enter the direct messages icon, if you do not know what it is, it is the icon that looks like paper plane; once this is done, you just take the picture and choose the people to whom you want to send it and go.

Stop receiving direct messages from a person in specific:

With the arrival of direct messages from Instagram, many people overexploit this function, getting to the point that they come to harass or tire the person receiving the message, but for this not to continue, Instagram has the function of blocking messages direct from a specific person, if you did not know how to do it, I will explain how it is done; first of all you must enter the conversation of the person you want to block, after that, you must enter the information icon, followed by that, there will be the option to block user and with this activated will no longer receive messages from that user until we decided to enable it again.

Hide or delete photos in which you appear above:

Whenever someone mentions you in a photo, this publication appears in the news section, which is public access, however, you have the option of hiding that photo, for this you only have to select the photo and after having pressed A menu will appear, and in that menu you will have the option to hide it and that is not visible to anyone else. It also has the function to delete those photos choosing the option remove me from the photo, and if in case we no longer want to be tagged in photos, we can go to the settings and choose this option.

Follow using the filters, but don't publish the photo:

These Instagram filters have become very famous, since they give another image to the published photo, it looks totally different and looks better, but in case, we want a photo with one of these filters and we do not want to publish it simple and we can simply do this: you must disable Internet access, you can do this by deactivating the Wi-Fi or mobile data or simply by activating the airplane mode, after that you must open the application, and do exactly what you would do when publishing a photo, once already You have finished editing and sharing it you will notice that the photo has not been able to share because there is no internet access, and before reactivating the internet access you must delete that image from the publication, and staying like this in your already edited gallery of images.

Eliminate the location of your publications:

In case we have allowed, every photo we take and share in such social network is always accompanied by the location thanks to the GPS location of our mobile, since it already has built-in, but in case you do not want your location to be known, you just have to sign in To the menu of the photo, only entering the 3 points that are seen and then you edit and only deactivate the location, or simply deactivate the location directly from the configuration of your phone.

Write hashtags once the photo is published:

Hashtags are a trend which helps to find a certain publication more easily, but in case you forgot to write the hashtag and you already published the photo, do not worry, you do not have to delete it and upload it, but you can simply write what In truth you wanted to write from the beginning from the comments and with that you will already have what you wanted to put from the beginning.

Return to share an publication:

Sometimes we share the photo, but we are limited to only Instagram users see it, but if you want to share an old photo in another social network, without any problem you can do it no matter how old is it, simply choose the photo, open the 3 points and select "share" and with this is already shared in the other networks that you have linked to your Instagram.

Save photos and images published in our mobile phone:

Normally when you publish a photo, it is saved automatically in our mobile device, but in case you have disabled this option and want to save the photo or image, all you have to do is select the photo you want to save, open the configuration which are the 3 points, and in that you will see the option that will say copy URL, and once the URL already copied, we must open the browser, paste the URL and download the image, or if you prefer to do it in the most used mode, select the image and take a screenshot.

Disable the early load of the videos:

One of the things that may prove to be annoying is the preload of the videos, for some this function may be useful while for others it may be a nuisance, but luckily, this can be edited, only what is due Do is enter the settings, select the "videos" option and choose to preload the video only when connected to a wifi network.

Enable disabled audio in the videos:

Normally when passing through a video, it plays without sound, it can be of help to many, but for others it proves to be annoying, this option the possibility to change, all we have to do is enter the configuration, select the option "videos" and in the section that says "sounds" will enable or disable, however, if the option is disabled, every time you go through a video that comes out of the speaker icon to hear it.

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