The Legend of the Suicide Dogs Bridge


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In the famed era of the 1950s the Overtoun Bridge, near Dumbarton in Western Scotland, became a legend after, like a suicide horde, numerous dogs have jumped on the same side and bridge point on days casually Clear which are quite strange in that area. Most of the dogs died in the act, while others that survived returned to the bridge to jump again.

The Legend of the Suicide Dogs Bridge

This phenomenon has led the inhabitants of the area to think that there is some kind of evil, others have asked that the bridge be destroyed. They also find it curious how the bridge is accessible to the dogs and their masters accompanying the strange atmosphere that is felt in Manoir Overtoun.

Dogs know how to measure height and protect themselves from danger so it is curious that they are launched into the void. Some attribute it to the ghost of a woman who prowls the place, others to the telepathy between the dog and its master. Even the Scottish animal welfare society came to study the place as well as experts in the paranormal but had not been able to know or state the motives until a few years ago.

David Sands conducted an investigation into these facts to arrive at an understandable conclusion of these regrettable events that until a few years ago left a balance of more than 100 dead dogs and realized that not all breeds of dogs committed suicide, Only labradors, collies and golden retrievers (casually dog ​​breeds considered among the most intelligent in the world).

At first he thought it was some plant that gave off some attractive or curious scent for them, but he quickly dismissed this theory when he realized that it was indeed a type of smell, but not from the flowers.

Coinciding with the onset of the suicides of dogs, the invasion of the American mink had taken place in the area, this one has in the year some glands that secrete an odorous substance that impairs the dogs. The area of ​​the bridge is a very closed cause and devoid of large currents of air which causes this smell to concentrate even more causing dogs to seek to chase it. However, this theory has not kept the legend from spreading.


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