6 Most badass women of horror


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Usually when you think of women in horror movies, they play the damsel in the distress or the innocent and weak target of the movie’s lead killer. And while most women of horror do end up escaping their deranged stalkers or become the final survivor of the film, they usually have plenty of help and bit of good luck on their side. But every so often, a truly badass horror heroine comes along shows that serial killer that she is the last woman they want to mess with.

6 Most badass women of horror

6 Most badass women of horror

1) Carrie White (Carrie)

Carrie might not seem like the biggest badass at first glance shy, isolated, and constantly teased and humiliated by her fellow classmates at her high school. But when she is bullied, Carrie shows us exactly why she is such a badass: She uses her telekinetic powers to get vengeance on those who bullied and hurt her, culminating in an epic finale in the school’s gym, complete with pig’s blood.

2) Lieutenant Ellen Ripley (Alien Franchise)

When you think about powerful women of horror films, it’s hard not to think of Ellen Ripley. Ripley is aggressive, pushy, and whip-smart. When Xenomorphic aliens killed her entire crew, Ripley faced the threat head on and won. Fighting these aliens alongside a squad of highly trained marines, it was Ripley who went directly for the queen and showed her who’s boss. Be smart, listen to Ripley and “Stay away from her, you bitch!”

3) Helen Lyle (Candyman):

Starting out as a student studying the folklore of Candyman, Helen’s research of the subject uncovers the truth of Candyman’s existence, gets her assaulted, framed for her friend’s murder and sent to an insane asylum. But that doesn’t stop her from escaping, facing off with Candyman and in a final display of heroism, she sacrifices her own life to kill Candyman and save a baby that he kidnapped.

4) Erin (You’re Next)

When Erin joins her boyfriend on a family reunion vacation, the family begins to get picked off by a group of animal masked killers. Erin, who was raised on a survivalist compound, knows how to survive and those skills kick in when she finds herself the last woman standing. She cleverly sets traps and ambushes the killers, taking them down one by one to become the final survivor.

5) Cherry Darling (Planet Terror)

Cherry was a go-go dancer when a virus started turning people into zombie-esque monsters known as “Sickos”. It was these sickos that attacked Cherry, mutilating her by ripping off her leg. She escaped the hospital that bandage her leg with a makeshift wooden leg, Cherry would later upgrade to a badass machine gun/grenade launcher combo and using her go-go dancing skills, she uses her new leg to take care of the last remaining sickos.

6) Laurie Strode (Halloween Franchise)

At the age of 17, Laurie began noticing a strange masked man following her around and watching her every move. This mysterious man is Michael Myers, who she would later learn is her brother. Laurie battled and “killed” Myers numerous times, always thinking he was finally dead. Laurie survives these attacks for over 20 years of Michael Myers’ Halloween murdering sprees, until her brother finally catches up to her to finish what he started.
By Sean Coleman

And what about you uh? Do you have any favorite badass actor/actress? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget it share this post if you like it!.

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