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While most people know McDonald's Big Mac Sauce is pretty much thousand island dressing with a few tweeks, it's still considered to be the burger chain's best kept secret. Hell, someone even paid nearly $100,000 just for a single bottle.

How to make big mac sauce at home by mcdonald   s

Before you start spending your hard-earned cash on a bottle of essentially mustard and mayo, take a look at this video from 2012. Dan Coudreaut, the Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Innovation for McDonald's shows us how to make a Big Mac that's as close as you can get to the real thing.

Sauce included.

All you need is some mayo, mustard and relish with some spices and seasonings. While Chef Dan doesn't really go into the exact measurements, you can definitely eyeball it enough to nail the recipe.

Should cost us less than five bucks, isn't that the best part?

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