This chicken is the most adorable therapy pet ever

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This is Darla, a therapy chicken, wearing a tutu. Erica Proctor, and her son Finn, rescued Darla from an animal fair over two years ago. She was among other sick chickens that both of them had spotted. Erica Porter is the founder of Green Dogs Unleashed, located in Virginia, which is a rescue group that helps blind and deaf dogs.

 This chicken is the most adorable therapy pet ever

It was Finn who had asked his mother to take the sick chickens to their home. He had said that if these chickens were going to die, it would be a mercy to take care of them and let them know what love is. Two of the chickens died, but Darla was lucky to make it. Not only has she survived, but she grows healthier every passing day.

Darla spends some part of her day with other chickens outside the house, then she comes into the home to say hello to Finn. She uses the doggie door to come inside. Finn is her favorite person to spend time with. Finn likes to pretend that the two of them are playing checkers. He also enjoys reading to her. What Darla loves the most is to be zipped up inside Finn’s jacket.

Darla has now become a certified therapy chicken. Erica is trying to get her into a school therapy animal program. “When people in general, but especially children, come to know a chicken on a personal level, it brings a whole new level of awareness to that animal.”

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