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Golden retrievers are among smartest dogs. This trustworthy and friendly dog is the topic of many movies and series. Also, they are good with kids.

This story comes from New Zealand. Actually, from Scotland. Long ago, shepherdess Kath Outerson and her husband decided to turn a new page in their life. They made a new farm in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Kath was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

Although other people suffer usually from temporary symptoms, Kath wasn’t that lucky. She started losing the ability to focus her view. She wasn’t able to hear good and couldn’t talk for long. And the back pain was so devastating that working on a farm was almost impossible.

Do you remember how we said that golden retrievers are among smartest dog breeds? Well, this farm really proves it. Paul probably could handle the whole farm by himself, but a group of six golden retrievers is now at their service.

They help them in all sorts of jobs. Taking care and watching around the sheep, feeding a young sheep with a bottle to laundry. They are indeed the smartest dogs and best friend of people.

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