You can excite a man without touching him... Find out how


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Speaking as a man in his sexiual prime, we are usally turned on far before you lay a finger on us. Sex is as much mental as it is physical. Our imagination does most of the work. All you have to do is simply stimulate that process. It’s not as difficult as you think. You're likely already pushing the right buttons without even knowing it. The part you might be missing is learning how to keep his temperature rising.

You can excite a man without touching him... Find out how

Initiate Those Erotic Calls

It doesn't matter where he is or where you're calling from. He can be at the office working, but as soon as he gets that call, his blood is going to start flowing.

Use Insinuations

Once you plant the seed, his mind is going to go every which way it wants to go, but his thought will be centered on you and all the things that he wants to do with YOU.

Create Some Serious Anticipation

Anticipation plays into the arousal process. The more a man wants you, the better the experience will be for both of you.

In Person

You better be bout that life! Doing those things over the phone is all fine and dandy, but don't just gas a guy up over the phone with no real intention. Playing games is the quickest way to turn a man off. In person is where you show and prove, so don't be shy.


Men are typically known for being the aggressor, but sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy being directed and the feeling of being pursued.

Want Him As Bad As He Wants You

Everything that you do should be to show him that you want him in every way. Talk and move around him provocatively. Let him know that he is everything you desire in this moment.

Dance For Him (Beyonce's Even Said So)

Strip clubs haven't been in business forever for no reason. Bring the club to him by being his personal, private dancer. Don't worry about how well you can dance. If you lack rhythm, dance without music. You might be surprised at how much this turns you on as well. No touching though.

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