Know the history of this cat that was 7 hours trapped in a pipe

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When Orange tabby cat, Thomas Jefferson, got trapped in an underground storm tube, he was back on the concrete ground. Fire officials from Nashville informed the Huffington Post that the authorities were working for more than seven hours to save the cat from the pipe.

Know the history of this cat that was 7 hours trapped in a pipe

Brian Haas, a Fire Department Public Information Officer, Nashville, informed the Huffington Post that a neighbor initially heard a cat crying around 6 a.m. but didn’t take any consideration.
The neighbor called for help when he heard the cat cry again in the afternoon. In connection to different sources, Thomas Jefferson is said to have fallen off the side and into the pipe when he was climbing the house’s third story.

Pictures captured at the scene show the reunion of the lucky feline with his master. Joseph J Kline, the owner of the cat, embraced his cat immediately and is said to have asked the cat what he was thinking.

I’m certain the cat is not too sure what took place, but he is thankful for the Nashville Fire Department.

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