Police dog is shot in the line of duty, has priceless reaction when he reunites with cop


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Police dogs are trained to act courageously in an important situation. Often they get wounded. Bruno, German Shephard was shot when he was chasing the suspect. The suspect ended up dead, but Bruno was shot in the chest. Yet he managed to save the life of policemen and he ended up in a clinic.

RJ Young, his trainer, and partner was very sad and disturbed because of this situation. He said it was horrific to watch and that the whole world started tumbling down in the matter of a second.

When Bruno came to the clinic, doctors noted that a bullet missed heart for a few centimeters. Bruno took 2 operations before he could take off his breathing tube.

RJ Young was so happy when the operation succeeded. Police officers decided that Bruno can retire from service, and RJ Young family was more than happy to adopt him. Young said that the dog is like a son to him. This is kind of a special relationship that comes from a dangerous situation in police job.

Officer Young now has a new partner to investigate the crime. It is also a Shephard called Yukon.
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