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Lenovo will agains use the Motorola brand in its next mobiles.

Motorola a Lenovo company

(smart life) A couple of years ago one of the most powerful Chinese firms in the market, Lenovo, acquired a decadent Motorola to Google , decadent although with some mobiles of recognized prestige especially in the mid-range like the beloved Moto G. Lenovo then made a A move that for many did not make sense, as it was to eliminate the Motorola brand of these phones, and turn it into a spawn called Moto by Lenovo. Well, it seems that sanity has returned to the Asian firm, which would have already decided that the old Motorola recover the site that should never have lost, at least those have been the information we have known today.

While it is true that the Moto G4 and Moto Z have been well received in the market, it is also true that they have lost much of the recognition with the models that had happened in the market. And it is logical, because most of Motorola users imagined the worst with the acquisition of mara by Lenovo. Remember that Motorola is a brand of American origin that reached a status in the mobile world similar to that of Nokia, being one of its main rivals in the new revolution that involved the arrival of mobile phones in our lives.

We all imagined that the acquisition of the brand by Lenovo had a lot of logic, mainly because the Asian firm could easily expand in the West, since Motorola is a well-known brand both in Europe and of course in the United States. So no one has understood the mistake made by Lenovo in removing this iconic brand and replacing it with its own. However, the latest information suggests that the brand strategy has changed in this regard, and after presenting the new Moto G5 without too much significance in the Mobile World Congress 2017, will return the Motorola brand to its natural status.

This means that the company's next flagship, the Moto Z, which could be presented in May or June, could display the original Motorola logo on the back . Something that many consumers will thank you for sure re-trust the phones now owned by Lenovo. It's a logical thing, because the Asian firm had retained everything from the original mobiles, even its software, so it was even more nonsense to get rid of the original brand.

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