Young woman captures Husky joining her in howling battle, but he doesn t want to stop


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Dogs are unique creatures. They are our closest companions but can be quite strange. They are all individuals, such as this puppy who decided to accompany his mother for a daily lullaby.

In the video below, check out the 2-year-old husky’s fierce competitive streak.

A young lady captured her super cute pooch and herself in their daily rendition of a song.

She reports that while coffee brews that they howl together.

The issue is that he seems to keep going long after she as stopped; proving that his howl cannot be humbled.

That is surely not a bad thing if you ask my opinion.

The video picks up at her soft howls. He then dives right in before he works right up and shows his howling might.

He even holds a note as he howls, overpowering her! She cracks up and attempts to muzzle him with her hand. He shakes it off and howls undisturbed.

He continues howling eve as she covers and then removes her hand from over his mouth. He still powers on until he has to stop for a spell to recovery.

On camera, she asks her husky if he was “being silly.”

He howls in reply as if he is asserting himself as howling king.

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