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Elephants were abused for over 50 years. Watch their first moments of freedom


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Two elephants, 80-year-old Boonme and 50-year-old Buabaan have spent decades being forced to work bound in chains to the point of exhaustion.

The pair worked in the elephant-trekking trade and logging industry. Every single day the pair would give rides to dozens of people, they were forced to work so hard and without stopping that Boonme even collapsed and needed the assistance of a crane to get back on her feet (so she could continue to work).

The two elephants now roam free at Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They no longer have to work to the point of exhaustion, they can be free elephants again! Their rescue was largely funded by Youtube vlogger and filmmaker, Christian Leblanc, who raised thousands of dollars to pay for their release.

Leblanc has an upcoming educational documentary in an effort to show travelers how cruel the elephant trekking industry really is in Thailand.

The elephants now spend their days splashing around in their river and mud bath, playing together and eating as much fresh fruit and vegetables as they desire – it’s a stark contrast to their past.

Boonme and Buabaan have even made a new friend! Elephant BaiCha has turned the duo into a trio and they are inseparable!

This heartwarming video shows their first moments of freedom:

Fuente: www.animalloversnews.com
WARNING: Chocolove made this note and was not rated by users as credible.
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