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Independent: Are you one of the countless women that use your commute to apply make-up? Well, one Japanese railway operator doesn’t think you should.

Tokyo Corp has released a song-and-dance video imploring female commuters not to do so, branding it as ‘ugly’.

The short clip is part of a wider campaign that urges train-users to have more consideration for other passengers - a previous video warned of the dangers of being distracted by your mobile phone while on the platform.

This one however has sparked a rather angry debate.

Filmed on a subway train, the video features a woman confronting two fellow commuters who are doing their make-up.

“Women in the city are all pretty”, she says to the camera. “But they can be ugly sometimes”.

She then proceeds to sing and dance before asking the women “Why can't you do that before leaving home?”

“Your eyebrows restored and eyelashes multiplied, your transformation has been witnessed.”

While previous videos promoted courtesy by not cutting into queues or removing your backpack, the attempt to discourage women from applying makeup has caused quite a stir.

In response, some women are now asking for Japanese men’s discourteous train habits to come under fire pointing out that nose picking, watching porn and groping much greater irritants than touching up your lippie.

Fuente: www.independent.co.uk
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